• Meeting in Helsinki

    Marina Calleja meets the members of the Communication and Technology Centre Tikoteekki in Helsinki and presents the EC+ application.

  • EC+ project @ AMIRAX

    EC+ project offer a workshop for staff at AMIRAX day care center for users
    with intellectual disability. The academic portal, applications, trainning
    resources were presented to staff by Encarnación Postigo.

  • ADIPA spreading the EC+ project

    ADIPA is collaborating with the EC+ project to test our mobile app for people with special communication needs.Teresa Alba Rodríguez presented EC+ in a training session.

  • Klagenfurt Meeting

    In the meeting at Klagenfur (29-30 May 2017), the dissemination activities (training courses, workshops, ICIAT conference, ...) were discussed. Thanks to all the attendees!